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These tantalizing Kong treats can be used anytime, but are specially shaped and sized to fit your dog's kong toy.



  • Made with high-quality, natural ingredients
  • Chicken liver
  • Liver treats make great  Kong stuffers

  • Made in the USA

  • Your adult dog will just love these tasty treats


About Kong

  • Dogs never stop finding ways to have a goodtime, and KONG gives you and your dog more fun per square inch than any toy on the planet. 
  • Kong are committed to quality
  • Everything Kong makes is the absolute best it can be 
  • Kong make toys in a vaiety of shapes & sizes as they know that dogs get bored and need stimulation
  • Kong make play healthy and never stop innovating
  • Safety is always at the top of their list
  • Kong take pride in being an original,  it’s the reason people and pets all over the world know KONG by name.


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