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Bubbles of Ongar provide pet parents with a wide range of natural and healthy foods, that will give your pets a complete and balanced, nutritious diet.

Our customer and pet friendly store, has a wide selection of natural, Biologically Appropriate Raw food (BARF) and high meat content ranges, that caters to all budgets.

Brands such as AATU, Applaws, Barking Heads, Benyfit Natural, Canagan, Country Hunter, Eden, Forthglade, Gentle, Lily’s Kitchen, Naturediet, Natures Menu, Natural Instinct, Simpsons, Tribal, to name but a few. Bring huge health benefits to your dogs and cats, helping to ensure that they are getting all the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will keep them fit and healthy, throughout their happy lives.

We also have a large selection of toys that will provide mental stimulation for your pets, whilst play will also provide physical benefits, as well as strengthen the bond you have with them.

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