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New Arrivals

With over 45 years of experience in the pet industry the Ancol Extreme harness is their most comprehensive and durable harness yet. This quality harness, not only looks good, but is also packed with features, providing comfort and security for your dog’s


*     Heavy-duty components, including Stealth Warrior buckle, padded grab-           handle, rust-resistant D-ring and reinforced nylon stitching

*     Fully padded with breathable mesh lining for comfort

*     Heavy-duty nylon straps and scratch-resistant outer materials

*     Fully adjustable for a secure fit, with a removable chest protector.

*    Adventure ready with increased functionality including accessory holders          and utility clip

*    Reflective to increase visibility in low light

*    With utility pocket compatible with Tractive technology New for 2019

harness 1.png

*    Available in red or black

harness 2.png

*   You can purchase your harness in-store or from our online shop by clicking       here

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