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Garden birds are some of the most conspicuous of garden wildlife, and are very easy to attract with some supplemental feeding.

Bubbles of Ongar stock a wide variety of healthy and nutritious foods, as well as quality feeders and nest boxes to attract an array of wild bird life into your garden.

Feeding is especially important over the winter time, supplementary food is often the difference between life and death for many wild birds, especially when winters are particularly cold.

Ideally, put out a mix of food for the birds. Including peanuts, sunflower hearts, niger seeds, and fat balls, or give our specially blended seed mixtures a try, to supplement natural food such as berries and seed heads.

Don't forget, that a supply of clean, unfrozen water is just as vital for our feathered friends.

Bubbles of Ongar, stocks several types of bird bath, providing somewhere for your garden birds to drink and bathe.

Please click here to visit our wildlife page to see videos and images of garden birds attracted by seed mixes from our store.

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