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The Big Garden Birdwatch 2020

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This year is the 40th anniversary of the Big Garden Birdwatch


The event started way back in 1979 and now has over half a million people

regularly taking part.


This coupled with almost 40 years’ worth of data, Big Garden Birdwatch allows

the RSPB to monitor trends and helps them understand how birds are doing.

As the format of the survey has stayed the same, the scientific data can be

compared year-on-year, making everyone’s survey results very valuable to their scientists.

With results from so many gardens, the RSPB are able to create a 'snapshot' of bird numbers across the UK.

This helps them spot problems, but more importantly, they are also the first step in putting things right. This is why it's so important that we count garden birds.

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"Join thousands of others and pick an hour over the weekend to discover the wildlife in your garden".

Other Wildlife

The threats to our wildlife means that it's not just birds who are facing tough times... it's our badgers, snakes and other animals too.


So to help the RSPB get a more complete picture of the state of our wildlife, in 2014 they started to ask people to tell them about some of the other animals in their gardens.

The RSPB are going to continue including this part of the survey each year now, to help them see the trends in our other wildlife in the same way that they’ve been able to with birds.

The more people involved, means that the more can be learnt, so please encourage your family, friends and neighbours to take part

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"It only takes an hour and is suitable for children and adults of all abilities".

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Starter Kit   
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