• An Effective formulation for controlling internal hygiene in dogs
  • 100% Natural and Organic.
  • Powerful and Effective.
  • Promotes Good Health and Condition.
  • No artificial chemicals and harsh residues.
  • Herbal crunchies.
  • Verm-X Crunchies are designed to be fed every day throughout the year.


This means that you do not need to buy additional reward or treat products for your dogs as our Verm-X formulation can act as an traditional treat whilst functioning as a continual intestinal hygiene control.


As with all Verm-X products we have not just focused on the effectiveness of our formulations but also their palatability so your dogs will love them.
How many Verm-X Dog Crunchies do I feed?
Feed every day throughout the year.
Small breeds (e.g. Jack Russell):  2 per day
Medium breeds (e.g. Labradors):   4 per day
Large breeds (e.g. Newfoundland):  6 per day






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