Multi Pack: 4 x 80g pouch (320g)

Tasty mix-in meal supplement made with superfood ingredients to compliment your dog’s complete food. Contains prebiotic fibre which helps support a healthy digestive system. Great for fussy eaters, helps food taste YUM!

Spinach is one of nature’s truly sensational superfoods rich calcium and Vitamin K which helps maintain good bone health and growth. Pumpkin is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre helping to aid dog’s digestion. Coconut oil is a superfood rich in MCT’s which studies have found help boost your dog’s brain power while psyllium husk is an excellent source of dietary fibre to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Simple, delicious, nutritious & best of all dogs love them!

Did you know? Dogs fed on a diet of dry commercial pet food fed leafy green vegetables at least three times a week were 90% less likely to develop cancer than dogs that weren’t (2005 Purdue University)

100% Natural
Low Fat
Human Grade
Aids Digestion

Suitable for Dogs with:

  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Pancreatitis
  • Low Immunity

Ingredients and Nutritionals:
Potato, pumpkin, spinach, organic coconut oil, limestone (natural source of calcium) psyllium husk, spirulina

Analysis (Values per 100g):
Only 44 Kcal Per/Pouch
Crude Protein 1.0%
Oil/Fat 2.0%
Crude Fibre 2.0%
Ash 2.6%
Moisture 87.0%