Lintbells PRISTINE tooth oil is the ultimate regular dental care for dogs.
Containing natural flax seed oil, almond oil, palm oil, salmon oil, Himalayan
salt, and selected silica. It will help to remove strong tartar and plaque.
With regular use your dog will get bright teeth and healthy gums again and
tartar will become clearly decreased.

Effective removal of plaque and tartar
Promotes healthy teeth and gums
For whiter teeth and fresher breath
PRISTINE tooth oil promotes healthy teeth and a fresh oral cavity. 100%
natural, with no addition of chemical preservatives, it can be fully digested
by your pet. Use with Lintbells Microfibre Tooth cleaner for the most
effective and easy way to keep your dogs teeth in pristine condition.


Place a couple of drops of Pristine tooth polish on the tip of the Microfibre
tooth cleaner and polish the teeth one by one.

Lintbells YuCare Dog Pristine Tooth Polish 30ml


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