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Dogs feel happy and content if they can move freely and without hindrance. The Hunter harness line offers the best conditions for this. For puppies as well as strong pullers, a harness offers a greater degree of wearing comfort, as the pressure is spread over the chestand shoulder straps. A well-fitting harness does not hamper or limit the dog in his natural movements. Hunter harnesses are adjustable and can fit the size and shape of each and every dog precisely. All of our harnesses are constructed to be easy to put on, and simple and quick to remove. Our hiking and Norwegian harnesses are carefully and thoroughly constructed, and lined with soft protective padding. These harnesses are therefore eminently suitable for leisure and sporting activities such as jogging and cycling, offering optimal wearing comfort for your best friend. The Norwegian harness can also be used for dog-sledging. Nothing is better for specialist dog training, (e.g. track work), than a specially-designed harness tailored to meet the requirements at hand. 

The nylon harness is a high-quality product which is gentle on fur. Fleece backed for added comfort.


L 2,5 cm 62 – 75 cm

Hunter Racing 46365 Norwegian-style Harness Size L

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