Octo-knottie is an 8-legged, super-soft corduroy toy for your dog. Octo-knottie is strong enough to be rough with, yet soft enough to cuddle up too. Each of the 8-arms features a squeaker, and there is one squeaker in the centre of the body, so you are bound to catch your dog’s attention when it’s time to play! With 8 arms, Octo-Knottie is an ideal tug toy. With cushioning protection Octo-knottie is easy to wash and is quick drying.

• Lined with ground breaking Tuffut Technology ensuring your Knottie is the strongest and most durable plush dog toy produced.

• No external seams that rough chewers can open easily.

• Machine washable.

• Enticing multi-textured toy.

Hugglehounds Knottie Octopus Purple