Hollings festive filled bone turkey and cranberry


Hollings Ltd supplies only superior pet treats using the best quality ingredients that are sourced from carefully chosen suppliers within the U.K and the E.U.

The majority of their products are 100% Natural using air drying as a way of preserving them.

A hollow bone filled with a delicious filling of turkey and cranberry, it's a great boredom and stress reliever that acts as a natural source of calcium and Phosphorus.

Suitable for dogs over four months old but not for dogs with problematic teeth.

Always ensure there is a bowl of clean water available when feeding, Dogs should be supervised at all times as bones may splinter.

Remove when appropriate to prevent injury.

Treats should be given in a stain resistant area.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 5cm x 10cm x 5cm

Hollings festive filled bone turkey and cranberry