Feliway Spray is a fast and effective pheromone therapy to help you manage your feline friend’s anxiety levels, keeping them calm and composed.Cats, like people, are complicated creatures. Sometimes they get stressed, or agitated. Perhaps you've brought a new cat into the family, or your cat has returned from a stressful stay at the vets.

Whatever the scenario, a stressed cat might behave in any number ways, doing strange things such as scratching your furniture, marking the walls or carpets with urine or even becoming aggressive towards you or other cats.

Simply shake and apply Feliway Spray to any marked areas, waiting 15 minutes before allowing your cat back into the room to ensure the alcohol carrier in Feliway to evaporate. Never punish your cat for urine or scratch marking as this can further stress your cat and exacerbate the problem. Continue using Feliway Spray until you notice your cat repeatedly marking with their own facial pheromones.

Feliway Cat Calming Spray 60ml